New Southern-Style Honey Bourbon Cornbread Mix

New Southern-Style Honey Bourbon Cornbread Mix
July 30, 2018 David Tiller
new southern-style honey bourbon cornbread mix from Kentucky Kernel

Kentucky Kernel has announced the introduction of new Southern-Style Honey Bourbon Cornbread Mix, a unique cornbread recipe featuring traditional and much-loved flavors from the deep south.

Our southern-style recipe for this traditional side dish pairs the fresh corn flavors of premium yellow cornbread with the classic sweetness of pure golden honey and a pleasing hint of rich vanilla and smoky bourbon. Unlike most store mixes, our first ingredient is premium-quality corn meal. Baking up hot, springy and melt-in-your-mouth delicious, the unexpected yet scrumptious honey-bourbon flavor makes this cornbread a unique and decadent treat.

Our new Honey Bourbon Cornbread Mix is made with no artificial preservatives and only premium quality ingredients. It’s the perfect pairing for grilled meats or any of your spicy & sweet BBQ favorites, summer fish fry, or chicken dinners, and nicely compliments crunchy coleslaw and other traditional sides. Each pa

Kentucky Kernel Honey Bourbon Cornbread Mix

Kentucky Kernel Honey Bourbon Cornbread Mix

ckage serves up a family-sized batch of six to eight serving squares or individual cornbread muffins, depending on baking pan size (8”x8” or 9”x9”)

The new product is now available for purchase from our online store and will soon be available through select retailers.

“Everyone who tasted this thought it was a perfect yet unexpected fusion of classic southern flavors,” said Erin Goldstein, Director of Product Development. “Bourbon in particular is having a major renaissance right now. And when you think of Kentucky, how can you not think of bourbon?”


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